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Cold Water Cowboys/Discovery


I’m really excited finally to be able to share with you all some photos from a recent promo shoot for a television show premiering Tuesday, February 25 at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT on Discovery.


Produced by Paperny Entertainment this 10-part series will follow the stories of six captains and their crew through the fishing season.

“Following six captains and their crews, Cold Water Cowboys ventures hundreds of kilometres offshore in the North Atlantic, facing swells as high as houses and icebergs the size of small cities. A time-honoured industry in the midst of an unprecedented sea of change, these captains are stubborn men who stuck to and survived this calamity by retooling and rebuilding the industry on new catches: crab, shrimp, turbot, herring, and mackerel. It’s a tough job – tough on the boats, tough on gear, tough on the human body – but these bred-in-the-bone fishermen will never trade their boats for boardrooms.”-Paperny Entertainment

Here are some of my photos and the crew introductions:

Richard Gillett

Richard Gillett

Richard Gillett

Richard Gillett

Richard Gillett – Midnight Shadow – Twillingate, Newfoundland

A fifth-generation fisherman, Richard Gillett has worked every fishing season since the age of 13. By 25, he’d lost his first boat to an iceberg the size of a house – thankful that he and his crew escaped with their lives. He lives for the first day of the season in April, and mourns the last fishing day in December.”-Paperny Entertainment

Richard is the personification of Newfoundlands warm heart. He’s such a friendly man, and incredibly enterprising. He was a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to see him in his element!

Conway Caines -"Jackass cew"

Conway Caines -“Jackass cew”

Conway Caines

Conway Caines

Conway Caines

Conway Caines

“Conway and Rick Caines – Seadoo – Cow Head, Newfoundland

Rick Conway was ready to sell his boat 17 years ago – until son Conway returned to The Rock to join his dad in the family business. Though Rick is the skipper, Conway is clearly the boss of the ragtag crew of inexperienced drifters. After an accident with the boat last year, this season is make-it-or-break-it for the father/son duo.”-Paperny Entertainment

The hilarity and hi-jinks that ensue when Conway is around is at a whole other level. Just after the photo shoot Conway had a hilarious idea that left the film crew scrambling to get it on tape. Seeing as they did… there will be no spoilers here. Don’t let his potentially goofy looking so’ western fool you, Conway is a brilliant and passionate advocate for the fishing industry.

We spent two days with this crew as the weather was just not playing nice, by which I mean it was actually really quite nice out. The middle image was from the first day where there was not a cloud to be found. In order to properly convey the mood and the potentially very dangerous situation these guys get into for the job, we had to wait for more dramatic weather. Thank fully the next day gave us what we were waiting for.

Justin Bridger

Justin Bridger

CWC-boyd photography

What a mustache!

Justin Bridger – MJ Nadine – Carmanville, Newfoundland

Justin Bridger’s father, Guy, is a renowned fisherman who casts a long shadow. Recently retired, Guy has handed the day-to-day operations to his son. Aggressive and competitive, Justin is up for the job, but soon feels all the pressure of running the show, with few of the perks of captaining his own boat.” –Paperny Entertainment

Justin is definitely a bad-ass fisherman. He has a big boat, but also the skills to park it exactly where we asked. As for the second image… Just look at that mustachio! (How could I not share that!)

Paul Tiller

Paul Tiller

Paul Tiller – Justin & Jason II – Valleyfield, Newfoundland

Paul Tiller started fishing at 16 with a 20-foot speedboat, and has worked his way up from there. He maintains a family-like camaraderie aboard Justin & Jason II, and this remarkable brotherhood is the key to their success.” –Paperny Entertainment

Paul Tiller doesn’t know what kind of fame is about to hit him. Him and his crew were an incredibly friendly introduction for us as they were our first crew to shoot.

Donald Spence

Donald Spence

Donald Spence – K&N Enterprise – Port Aux Choix, Newfoundland

Donald Spence is competitive and unapologetic about doing whatever it takes to get the catch. He’s taken on a huge debt for his “new” 30-year-old boat, and is driven to get the vessel in the water and prove himself.” –Paperny Entertainment

Donald is definitely serious about fishing. We didn’t spend long with his crew but I’m sure we will get to see a lot of him through out the show.

Todd Young

Todd Young

Todd Young

Todd Young

Todd Young – Nicole Daniel – Woody Point, Newfoundland

Todd Young is a big man at sea, owning not only a massive boat, but also his own processing plant. Being your own fish buyer definitely has its advantages. Young is mostly after the money fish – mackerel. But he’s a risk-taker and has frequently torn his net on the sea floor and run aground in shoal waters.” –Paperny Entertainment

Todd is such a jolly and happy guy. “Okay Todd, now lets try for a more stern face”… and that’s when he would really start laughing. Todd’s main concern for the photo shoot was that all the fellas were there for the fun of it, and that his boy was there for the photos. (His son is just behind his left shoulder in the group shot).

photo (1)

This beautiful girl was my assistant for all these shoots. It was a lot of long hours and even more driving from one community to the next. She braved all the craziness from high winds and frigid temperatures to the crazy short notice and crazy schedule. She did an incredible job and I definitely couldn’t have done it all without her. She now just has to buckle down and grin and bear the craziness that is my life for all hers, as she is now my fiance. 😀 Lucky me I know! This photo was snapped on my phone as she was hiding behind a storage shed at one of the fish plants, holding down the lights from the fierce wind.

As you can see she’s holding a strip box and small octobox.  Almost all the lighting was done using these and Canon speed-lights. Often with a simple tree light setup for the groups and a one or two light setup for the individuals. 

I have recently had the great privilege of holding my first photo exhibit featuring my international work. I will share the images and their stories with you all as soon as I get them back from the grammar and spelling editor.


Business and Pleasure…

So it has been a while since my last post, and last semester (I’m full time at university for those who didn’t know) was absolutely crazy so posts were few and far between. Hopefully this will change this semester. Here are two shoots I’ve done so far the new year. The first for a local law firm. The second, a simple maternity shoot. As always I love feedback.

The first and second shot are of two new lawyers to the team.

The next two are two lawyers who have just made partner.

This shot is for a congratulatory add in the telegram.

Congratulations to the four of you.

Congratulations are also in order for this young couple. 38 weeks along with their first child.

They are clearly prepared and i’m sure they will be great parent!


Well folks thats it for now. I have lots of plans for the new year, so hold me to keep up the posting.